A Market Leading Brand

In the past two decades, Gusto Pufuleti have set quality standards in the snacks market. They are produced according to the highest European quality and food safety standards, IFS.

Our care and commitment created the best products at high quality have supported the development of a unique brand, loved by millions of consumers in the country and abroad.

Gusto Products

The unique recipe of GUSTO corn puffs ensures a continuous high quality standard for the products, setting great expectations from our consumers and holding our competitors behind.

The maize flour is carefully chosen from the best national and international suppliers, and together with a little bit of oil, salt and tasty flavors, we indulge highlighting our consumers with a natural, healthy and light snack.

European quality standards

Gusto puffs are produced according to the highest European quality and food safety standards, achieving the highest level of certification.

The Story of Phoenixy Company and GUSTO Corn Puffs (Pufuleti)

During the past 25 years, Phoenixy has succeeded in overpassing the challenges of the Romanian economic environment, and through strategic decisions and flexibility it constantly adapted its business model to the new market drivers and consumers behavior. Consequently, we’ve built a successful brand valued at tens of millions of Euro. Moreover, during this period, GUSTO had set the quality standard in its food category, following the highest European quality and food safety standards; International Food Standard and HACCP – high level.

GUSTO is the corn puffs brand produced in Baicoi industrial unit, one of the largest plants in Europe, with over 1,000,000 corn puffs bags produced per day.

Latest news

Gusto is the brand of optimism

Over the years, the promotion and communication campaigns of the Gusto brand have been appreciated and awarded both in Romanian specialty competitions such as Romanian PR Awards and international ones such as Cannes Lions, the pro-optimism campaign being named the most of a good PR campaign in Eastern Europe, or the SABRE Awards and the IPRA Golden World Awards.

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PHOENIXY, the producer of Gusto Corn Puffs, invests in solar energy, reducing the conventional energy consumption with 38%

Bucharest, July 17, 2013 – PHOENIXY, the largest producer of corn puffs in Romania, announced an investment of 900,000 euros in solar energy equipment for its factory located at Băicoi, Prahova county.

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Elena Gheorghe begins preparations for holidays by grinding puddles

„I was looking forward to meeting my brothers, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and my cousins. On the 25th, even on the first Christmas day, my house is a tradition, and no one is missing: lunch with all their 17 fines with their families. There’s a lot of preparation, eating great, laughing laughing…“

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