Elena Gheorghe begins preparations for holidays by grinding puddles

Talented singer Elena Gheorghe has always spent the winter holidays with the whole family.

„I was looking forward to meeting my brothers, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and my cousins. On the 25th, even on the first Christmas day, my house is a tradition, and no one is missing: lunch with all their 17 fines with their families. There’s a lot of preparation, eating great, laughing laughing, and it’s a great emotion to have so many worlds that you love next to you.“

The most beautiful emotions

“All preparations helter the house for Christmas, a lot of people coming to carols, Christmas Eve dinner with his family, the joy of being together and harmony all around me remain for me the most beautiful holiday emotions.

We had (and we now try to respect) all sorts of small “rituals,” that were slowly and slowly entering the atmosphere of the Feast. For example, along with Ana, my sister, I was preparing the boeuf salad for the Eve dinner while I was eating … Gusto. It was an opportunity to do both, to show our “artistic talent to the ornament” and to plan what we wear for the New Year. And last year, on Christmas Eve, we all cooked together and I ate Gusto, which is now a favorite of the whole family, including Nicholas (no – son of Elena, almost two years old), and Ana, who was pregnant in the fifth month, found her perfect dress for the New Year’s Eve.

I remember the evening of Eve, in which we slept all three brothers and planned how not to sleep so we could catch Santa Claus in flagrante.

In a maximum of one hour I snore, and in the morning I competed who first got to the tree to see what he had received from Mosu. This year, I set with Ana that Nicholas and Lucas, my grandson, sleep together with Eve to take the same habit.

The joy of receiving gifts

“I remember how happy I was when I found in Santa’s album” I give my life for love “to Monica Anghel, which was my idol. And my first Walkman, which I received after I sang the carols “Open the door, Christian!”; and I remember a year when Santa came to us at home and brought us a bag of toys, sweets, puddles, boots and clothes for all three. Then I received a tape recorder (it was very cool at that time) that I “forged” well at the New Year’s party that year.

Now it’s my turn to be old and take gifts: this year I will take Nicholas a trotte! Yeah, Piticolas wants to be a … trotter driver! ). When you have children around you, the emotions are even bigger, and Santa looks more generous. “