PHOENIXY, the producer of Gusto Corn Puffs, invests in solar energy, reducing the conventional energy consumption with 38%

Bucharest, July 17, 2013 – PHOENIXY, the largest producer of corn puffs in Romania, today announced an investment of 900,000 euros in solar energy equipment for its factory located at Băicoi, Prahova county. In partnership with Tractebel Engineering (GDF SUEZ ), the company has conducted a research study of the technical and economic impact of photovoltaic panels placed on the roof of the factory.

The total investment cost amounts to 900,000 EUR, 88 % is in-house investment and 12% is European funding made through the Energy Efficiency Finance Facility (EFFF ). The repayment period of the loan is three years, and it doesn’t take into account the financial resources obtained by saving energy. The annual energy production will be 1,109 MWh, reducing the conventional energy consumption by 2,630 MWh (~ 38 %) from the very first year. In addition, the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) is reduced by 449 tons per year.

PHOENIXY is a major player on the Romanian corn puffs market, with a daily production of more than one million bags of puffs. The products are sold both in Romania and abroad, in over 20 countries, leading to a 30% increase of the company’s exports compared to 2012.

~“Through perseverance and continuous investment in raw materials and innovative production technologies, we managed to maintain our commitment 20 years ago: to build an iconic brand in the category, a product that would meet the highest quality standards and which we will sell worldwide. We will continue investing in technology, equipment and innovation! For us this is the key!”~,  said Eliodor Apostolescu, general manager of Phoenixy.

Over two decades of activity, the company successfully met the challenges of the Romanian economic environment and with strategic decisions and flexibility it managed to constantly adapt to new business influencers of the FMCG industry or to the consumer behavior. Thus, a successful business has been built, currently valued at tens of millions of euros. 

About the company Phoenix

Phoenixy is leading the Romanian corn puffs market with a 70 %market share and over 18 million Euro turnover in 2013. The innovative proprietary equipment and the unique corn puffs recipe invented by the owners have established the quality standard in the field and ensured their success. Gusto corn puffs are produced following the highest European standards for quality and food safety and HACCP International Food Standard – Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point.

Gusto is the brand produced by the company in its factory in Băicoi | Romania, one of the biggest factories in Europe, with a daily production of over one million bags of corn puffs per day. Thanks to products’ high quality and distinctive taste, the company sells its products both in Romania and in more than 20 other countries in Europe (such as Sweden, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria , England, Hungary, Belgium , Hungary, Croatia and Albania etc), the Middle East or America.Gusto product portfolio includes 15 different kinds of assortments, distributed nationally and internationally. Romanian consumers can find with the corn puffs Gusto in different assortments such as: simple csalty puffs, puffs with surprises, corn puffs wrapped in chocolate with raspberry flavor, milk chocolate and orange flavor; corn puffs with cheese, onion and pizza flavors.