Gusto, the most famous brand of pufuleti in Romania, celebrates 20 years of existence

Bucharest, May 31 – This year, Phoenix, the largest puffle maker in Romania, and Gusto Pufuleti, one of the most beloved Romanian brands, celebrate 20 years since its inception. The story of the Gusto Pufulos begins in 1992, in Baicoi, Prahova County, with the acquisition of the first expander. With the passage of time, Gusto has become a true 100% Romanian entrepreneurial success story.

“Through perseverance and continuous investment in raw materials and high-performance production technologies, we have managed to keep our commitment 20 years ago: to build a brand icon in the category, a product that meets the highest quality standards and which to sell it all over the world. We are proud and glad to reap the fruits of these two decades of hard work and effort and thank the Romanians for their loyalty!”, says Eliodor Apostolescu, one of Phoenix’s owners.

Over the past 20 years, Phoenix has successfully overtaken the challenges of the Romanian economic environment, succeeding in strategic decisions and flexibility to constantly adapt its business strategy to new factors of influence of the FMCG industry or of the consumption behavior of the people. Thus, a successful business has been built, now valued at several tens of millions of euros. Moreover, in these years, the Gusto puffs set the quality standard in the category, being produced according to the highest European Food Quality Standard and Food Safety Standard – high level.

In this anniversary year, the company continues to invest in technology, infrastructure, distribution network development, human resources and the launch of new assortments of puffs. In addition, in order to meet the demand for Gusto puffs, a number of strategic measures such as investment in production lines have already been taken. Among the priorities are the expansion of trading markets both at national and international level.

2012 is a year full of contests and promotional offers for Romanian consumers, and the packaging of each product in the Gusto Pufuleti range will include the anniversary message of “Happy Birthday”! The anniversary campaign takes place throughout 2012 and includes promotion both in the online / social media environment, on the blog and on the account facebook @PufuletiiGusto, as well as PR and consumer promotions.

About Phoenix Company

Phoenix is the leader of the local puddle market, cu a market share of 70% and a turnover of over EUR 18 million. The company owns 15 product types distributed nationwide and internationally in its portfolio. The innovative appliance and the unique recipe of the company’s puffs have established the standard of quality in the field and ensured the success of the product.

GUSTO and LETS SNACKS are trademarks of the company’s bottles in the Băicoi factory, one of the largest factories at European level, with a daily production of over 1,100,000 bags of puffs per day. Due to the high quality of the product, the company exports its products to Romania and to 20 other European countries (such as Italy, Spain, Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Cyprus, Albania, Belgium, Sweden, Ireland and England). and in the United Arab Emirates-Dubai or in America. Romanian consumers can find the Gusto puddle in the simplest way with salt, with surprises, wrapped in chocolate or with flavors of cheese and pizza.