Gusto Products – For everyone’s taste!

The product range is very wide and it includes assortments for each consumer demand we’ve ever been requested to answer. Discover below the different assortments we have created specifically for each of you. Gusto corn puffs are produce with clean ingredients (maize grits, salt and a drop of oil) to create the perfect snack, light and natural. You can take it with you anywhere and you can share it with your family and friends.

Be aware! Gusto corn puffs have a disadvantage: they taste like „I want more”!


A Market-Leading Brand

Over the past three decades, Gusto Pufuleti set quality standards in the international snack market. They are produced according to the highest European standards of quality and food safety. In many international markets, Gusto is market leader, reaching unpredictable performance.

  • With the discovery of this recipe, I knew we created the finest puddles in the world that will be sold globally!

    Eliodor Apostolescu, Director General Gusto Pufuleți.