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The Story of Phoenixy Company and GUSTO Corn Puffs (Pufuleti) 

The Story of Phoenixy Company & GUSTO Corn Puffs (Pufuleti) begins in 1992 in our parents’ house in Baicoi. Ever since, through perseverance and steadily investment in quality and development, Phoenixy has become one of the most successful Romanian entreprenurial initiatives and the largest corn puffs producer in Romania.

During the past 20 years, Phoenixy has succeeded in overpassing the challenges of the Romanian economic environment, and through strategic decisions and flexibility it constantly adapted its business model to the new market drivers and consumers behavior. Consequently, we’ve built a successful brand valued at tens of millions of Euro. Moreover, during this period, GUSTO had set the quality standard in its food category, following the highest European quality and food safety standards; International Food Standard and HACCP – high level.

GUSTO is the corn puffs brand produced in Baicoi industrial unit, one of the largest plants in Europe, with over 1,000,000 corn puffs bags produced per day.

The company sales its products in Romania and other 20 countries. In the past five years international markets started to open up, with millions of foreign consumers buying GUSTO Corn Puffs in Europe, in countries such as Sweden, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria and United Kingdom, but also in Dubai and the United States of America.

Crafted with care from the finest ingredients, our delicious corn puffs are truly uplifting, with a unique taste!


Management Team 

Eliodor Apostolescu, Managing Director
Eliodor Apostolescu, Managing Director
Cătălin Nour, Deputy Manager
Cătălin Nour, Deputy Manager

Technology and Innovation 

The extruder technology used in our plant is unique in the world, it was developed by the owners and internationally patented. It creates the incredibly fine texture of GUSTO Corn Puffs. Moreover, the recipe is unique as well, giving a special delicious taste and distinctiveness to GUSTO products.

The unique recipe and the proprietary technology highlight the care and commitment of Phoenixy to create an iconic brand in the category of corn puffs and have become the main competitive advantage of GUSTO Corn Puffs.

Mission | Vision | Values

Bring smile and optimism to every family, through our natural and high-quality standard products, offering them a healthy, delicious corn puff!
To become the traditional Romanian corn puffs, loved by millions of consumers worldwide, the prefect salty or sweet snack of every moment of the day, shareable with family, friends and colleagues.
High quality standard, innovation, reliability and perseverance, trustworthiness, respect for consumers.

ISO Certificate

Gusto corn puffs are produced following the highest European food quality and safety standards, IFS & HACCP.

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Porumb Gusto Pufuleti
Tehnologie Fabrica Pufuleti Gusto
Fabrica de pufuleti Gusto Baicoi
Fabrica de pufuleti Gusto Baicoi
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Malai Gusto Pufuleti
Pufuleti Gusto
Pufuleti Gusto Simpli, cu Sare


Congratulations for everything you do! For 12 years we are enjoying and crunching your puffs, together with our son
15/11/2013 Ionel Augustin, Romania