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GUSTO corn puffs (in RO: GUSTO Pufuleti) are very visible within Romanian mass media landscape. Monthly, the brand has at least one clipping or press project in a newspaper, magazine or online newswire. The topics covered refer to the product portfolio, its natural ingredients, its simplicity but, in the same time, the amazing complexity behind the production process, and, of course, the brand’s enormous optimism behind this successful business case.

Both journalists and consumers are interested in our fruitful brand story and GUSTO products. Together with them we celebrated 20 years of GUSTO, we launched new products; we offered opinions about market trends, the Romanian economic context and about our business growth. 

There is no newspaper or magazine in Romania that hasn't covered GUSTO Corn Puffs brand in at least one article!
Press release
Panouri Solare Fabrica Gusto Pufuleti
Bucharest, July 17, 2013 - PHOENIXY, the largest producer of corn puffs in Romania, today announced an investment of 900,000 euros in solar energy equipment for its factory located at Băicoi, Prahova county. In partnership with Tractebel Engineering (GDF SUEZ ), the company has conducted a research...
Optimism biggest supporters, GUSTO corn puffs have embraced Andreea Marin’s project and helped her to launch her new book dubbed “Value the Life”. The book includes various articles about memorable experiences of this very intelligent and charming woman and public person, dedicated to charity....

GUSTO corn puffs – Commercial “DOG Face - Spuff”, 2009

The optimism of GUSTO corn puffs is indestructible! They teach us how to find positive sides of our day-to-day life experiences, and even in case of emergencies we should be able to keep our optimism and adapt to the new challenges that come into our path. The commercial illustrates the case of a...
Press Article

Two decades of optimism

Good Food Magazine, June 2012