About Gusto Pufuleți


During the past two decades, GUSTO has established the quality standards on the corn puffs market. The corn puffs are produced following the highest European food quality and safety standards. Thanks to company’s commitment to create the best corn puffs in the world, GUSTO has become a trustworthy brand, the no. 1 choice of our consumers. Phoenixy – the company producing GUSTO corn puffs – is leading the Romanian market, with 70% market share and 60% loyalty of clients (Nielsen, May 2011). 

Worldwide GUSTO Corn Puffs are bought by millions of people! This impressive preference level is based on the high quality, delicious taste, unique recipe of the GUSTO products, and on its proprietary technology! Taking into consideration the preferences and the consumption habits of its consumers, Phoenixy has been continuously investing in innovation and in diversification of the product range.  GUSTO Corn Puffs extensive product portfolio is the most varied on the market. 

Once I’d discovered this unique recipe, I knew that I had created the best corn puffs in the world and that I will sell them even in America Eliodor Apostolescu, Managing Director Gusto Pufuleți | Phoenixy